Cover Letters are a Necessity

Whenever you submit your resume to potential employers in an effort to obtain employment, you must bear in mind that unless otherwise stated, cover letters are a necessity. Why are cover letters a necessity? Cover letters are a necessity for a number of reasons; let’s take a look at some of those reasons below:

Your cover letter will provide potential employers with a brief summary about why you are contacting them. Due to the fact that potential employers receive hundreds of resumes to consider, a cover letter will provide them with a quick glance pertaining to your reason for contacting them. Thus, cover letters prove to be time-saving methods. Since infringing upon a potential employers time can be discourteous, cover letters are a necessity!

Your cover letter will let potential employers know what type of advertising works when they are seeking new employees. Whenever you write a cover letter, you also need to include information pertaining to where you saw or heard about the position you are applying for. If an employer has used a variety of advertising sources, you will be advising them as to which sources have been most effective. Since there is no room on your resume for such information, you will need to include it in a brief cover letter. Thus, as a courtesy, in your cover letter you will be helping a potential employer improve their business. Again, cover letters are a necessity!

Your cover letter will provide crucial contact information should your resume get lost in the shuffle. In the event that your resume gets lost during the processing of resumes, at minimum your cover letter will provide potential employers with information on how to contact you and the position you are interested in. Conversely, without a cover letter, a lost resume is just that -- lost!

Your cover letter will make you look like a well-rounded, well-organized professional. A cover letter will make you look like a true professional. A cover letter says that you know what it takes to apply for a job and you will do everything you can to meet the conventions of business. In fact, a cover letter not only expresses your professionalism, it can also express that you know the “ins and outs” of the employment process and that you are the right person for the job!

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