The Perfect Resume

If you are really looking to get that job you’re thinking about, you are going to need a resume -- not just any resume, but the perfect resume! The perfect resume can help you sell your skills to business professionals looking for people just like you. The perfect resume is not an easy thing to come by, but with a few tips you will have the perfect resume at your disposal.

So, what does the perfect resume consist of? Essentially, the perfect resume contains only the information an employer needs and nothing more. In other words, if you want a resume that appeals to employers, you need one that provides the fundamental information that pertains to you, your educational experience and your work experience. One of the biggest mistakes beginning resume writers make is when they add too much information on their resume or they add unnecessary information. For example, you need to provide the following, less any frills:

-Your name and address
-Your telephone number and/or email address
-Your High School and College Education
-Your work experience for the past ten years

When writing a resume it is not necessary to add all of your personal or business recommendations to your resume. Quite frankly, there isn’t enough room on a resume for such information. The perfect resume is no longer than one sheet of paper long -- you must bear in mind that potential employers are looking at hundreds of resumes and they don’t have the time to shuffle through extra paperwork. To give your resume the professional look, be sure to offer recommendations upon request, and leave it at that.

Another characteristic found in the perfect resume can be identified in the type of font used to create the resume. When you create your resume, you want it to be created with a font that is both large enough to read and easy to read. Therefore, in your effort to create the perfect resume, you will want to refrain from using fancy or frilly fonts that are distracting or difficult to read.

Finally, the style of the paper you choose for your resume is important. You want to use a paper that provides little glare and one that doesn’t allow the printed page to smudge easily. You can find some great resume paper at a stationary store or you can even order some online. Just bear in mind that you should stay away from paper that is too ostentatious -- remember you are not selling stationary, you’re resume needs to sell your skills!


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