Become a Fashion Designer

Most professional fashion designers will tell you that there are certain steps that can be taken to increase your odds of landing a successful career in fashion design. Not all of them will have taken those steps, but most wished they had.

The first step towards becoming a fashion designer is to learn to tools of the trade. One can do this by attending any number of fine fashion design/marketing schools. Among the basic classes that will provide solid foundations are fashion illustration, pattern drafting, design, draping, clothing construction, textiles, fashion history and production techniques.

The next step is to create a portfolio of work that can be shown to potential employers. Many schools will help a student put this together as a final graduation project. Another aspect of fashion design education is learning within the professional workplace. Once again, fashion design schools often have long-standing relationships with great firms and experts willing to provide internship and mentorship opportunities to students. These programs not only give a student experience, but also introduce them to potential employers, providing and invaluable entrée into the professional world.

Once properly schooled, you should emerge with either an Associate or Bachelor of Arts degree. This combination of degree, a well-crafted portfolio, internship experience, and basic skills from a reputable institution provides the one-two punch that is needed to impress fashion industry employers in today’s competitive market.

Once you have found a job, your career interests will best be served by continuing to enhance your portfolio and build industry relationships.

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