Become a Photographer

It is ironic that the practice of photography is an art that can be shared by anyone with a camera, but that the creation of truly artistic photographs happen through years of training and truly native talent. Most everyone has at one time looked through a camera and tried to determine how best to take a photograph, weighing such factors as light, foreground, background, texture, etc., but some find the process inspirational enough to make a career out of it.

Historically, photographers often fell into their careers from other disciplines, such as sculpting or painting. Now, there are art schools that focus entirely on the photography discipline. To be a photographer today, one has to do much more than capture an image.

Once the picture has been taken, a photograph can be scanned, digitized, manipulated and retouched. A professional photographer must not only know these techniques, but also must have learned to capture images using a unique perspective. To do this, she must have extensive training in composition, lighting, darkroom processes, and digital imaging.

There are many demands associated with photography that are unique to the field. A photographer will often shoot on location, requiring mobility. The subject material for photographers can often can change drastically on the spot, requiring a pro to always be equipped with an arsenal of gear to ensure that each subject is captured in a unique way. A good photographer will know what he wants out of a shoot, and must often be very patient and work long hours to capture the image that is envisioned.

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