Become an Accountant

A career in accounting can take you into many different fields ranging from public accounting to practice in business and industry, government, non-profit or education. Before entering into any of the fields, however, there are certain skills that need to be acquired and decisions that need to be made. For many accounting jobs and most public accounting practices, one must become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

The decision to become a CPA is a big one, because of the work involved. Becoming a CPA requires meeting the standards set by the state in which one chooses to practice, including completion of a required number of hours of education and passing the CPA examination. Many accounting jobs do not require a CPA, but that does not mean that accounting skills do not need to be mastered.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (the “AICPA”) has developed a list of competencies and skills it considers essential to being an accountant, and publishes them on the following website:

Many schools and universities offer classes that teach these essential skills. Once you have mastered the skills needed to become an accountant, you still need to compete with many others looking for accounting work as well. This is where professional networking comes into play.

Many schools that offer accounting classes also offer internships at accounting firms to help give students industry experience. These internships can often lead to future jobs, as potential employers become familiar with your work ethic while giving you practical experience.

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