Become an Interior Designer

As with most professions, those successful in their field tend to have taken many different paths to success. Most, however, agree upon certain paths that tend to produce the most success. This is the case in the interior design profession as well.

The first logical step towards building a career in interior design is to learn the tools of the trade, by choosing from a number of schools nationwide to start building your skill set. Today, students can earn both Associate and Bachelors Degrees in interior design, as well as diplomas for more focused areas such as kitchen design, for example. Classes that prepare students for interior design include basic drawing techniques, basic design, manual drafting, ADA & building codes, CAD, and the fundamentals of color.

A curriculum of this sort not only prepares a student for home design, but also has many different commercial applications, such as corporate space planning and Hotel/Restaurant design, for example. While attending school, it is important to find avenues where you can learn from professionals currently in the industry.

This not only can give you cutting edge experience, but it can also help you build relationships to further your career down the road. Many of the top interior design schools offer this sort of education through internships or mentor programs.

Both in class and out of class experience will help you build a portfolio to present to future employers. Once you have found an interior design job, it is imperative to keep improving your portfolio and continuing to build industry relationships.

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