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While anyone can find a job, only you can find your career. Your career is about your passion. To make your career rewarding, find your passion, connect with it, and learn all about it. From one day classes to full degree programs, our large network of schools and programs allows everyone to follow their passion.

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What is Continuing Education?
Continuing education, also referred to as adult education, is that part of a professional’s lifelong learning that begins at the conclusion of their formal education and continues throughout their professional life. No longer just a good idea, continuing education has become a necessity to succeed in today's market. Not only can it lead to promotion, but also increased job security. If your field or industry is in a downturn, it's possible to acquire new skills for a new career with with continuing education.

Career development is a lifelong process that can include: self-assessment, competency development, networking, informational interviewing, mentoring, internships, work experience, study abroad, job search skills, graduate school, and planning for a productive, rewarding life.

Confused about how to start? The key to a successful job search is knowing who you are and what you want to achieve. Be proactive and be flexible. Create a personal career development plan based on what you love, what you are good at, and what you want to do next.

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